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The Role of Faith and Hope in the Growth of Love Relationships

During most modern marriage ceremonies words about love are spoken with bold (and mostly blind) faith and hope for the future of the young relationship. While the couple is swept up in the power of loving feelings, partners often mistakenly more

What is a Stepfamily?

A stepfamily is formed by the marriage or long-term cohabitation of two individuals, when one or both have at least one child from a previous relationship living part-time in the household.  The individual who is not the biological parent more

Using the Healing Power of Play in our Work with Children and Families

Play is a fun, enjoyable activity that can entertain and enliven us. It can be a source of joy, foster friendships and fuel our imagination.  Yet, play can also be so much more than just "fun and games". It is a powerful and profound source of learning and a natural vehicle for ... read more


An Anxiety Management Strategy

Although anxiety is a natural survival response, it's not always precise or perfectly on target with its "warning system".  When it works it's great... when it doesn't it can be very problematic, uncomfortable and counfusing. The "alarm" anxiety sets off ... read more


Thoughts for Coping with Grief During the Holidays

The holiday period is often a time when traditions emerge, loved ones gather, and we become very aware of all the sights, smells, sounds and memories related to our past.  Most of thes things are linked to an emotion and encoded in our memories... read more